Affectionate - 2 Boyfriends


Affectionate - 2 Boyfriends
Affectionate - 2 Boyfriends
Affectionate - 2 Boyfriends

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Affectionate - 2 Boyfriends


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Monkey | Brand: Anico Promotions | Material content: 100% polyester

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Product Details

Make every snuggle session uniquely yours with this adorable 11” everyday critter and their super-cute tiny customizable T-shirt. Create a sentimental design or a personalized message for you or your little ones and give a truly unique gift. A twist on the classic look with extra-soft fur and warm eyes, this cuddly companion is perfect for those who appreciate both comfort and a touch of personalization in their plush friends.
  • Material content: 100% polyester
  • Monkey is 11” tall
  • Tiny T-shirt can be printed with your designs
  • Monkey & T-shirt are made from 100% polyester
  • Stitched eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Brand: Anico Promotions
  • Imported product, printed and processed in the USA.

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